Installed as parts of 16th Chaumont-sur-Loire international garden festival 2007, France
Material: various plants, gravel, flowerpot,
wood, mixed materials
1001 paysages: Chaumont-sur-Loire
Co-operation with Laureline Salisch

Inspired by dunes, rice paddies and kinetic art, this garden proposes "1001 landscapes". 500 plant pots (painted in three different color-red, yellow, and blue) are juxtaposed, and displayed on the stair-like bed of gravels with eight different levels. This installation illustrates the rotation of sun or that of moon by the evolution of colored surfaces of pots that are in constant mutation. But, it is in fact the movements of the visitor-who ascends, descends, crouches or turns to rhythm of wooden decking-who multiplies the point of view and modifies the tonality of the garden, thus making it live, a real chameleon.
- Written by Sophie Barbaux, Jardin Créatifs Chaumont-sur-Loire, ICI interface editions
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