Mug 11x8.5x8cm
Bowl(S) Ø11x6cm
Bowl(L) Ø13.5x6cm
Plate(S) Ø13.5x2cm
Plate(L) Ø19x2.3cm


Mine collection is ceramic tableware set of basic items for food table. Simple and minimal items of small, big bowls, small, big dishes and mugs have been designed in each free-styled arrangement and lay-out, and is always reborn by the taste and participation of users.
This not only performs multi-practical functions, for example, as a ware or cover to store and keep food leftovers, putting foods apart from the bottoms of dishes, no matter how much dishes are left overlapped, but also offers aesthetic value like a sculpture work to create a beautiful kitchen when is displayed.
Thus novel experiences, convenience, and visual beauty is meant to be provided through an object found in an extremely common life that puts, carries, arranges, washes and stores, not merely as an instrument for dishes.

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