Arbre & Petit Arbre Plate
Arbre: 220x220x30(mm)
Petit Arbre: 120x140x30(mm)

Arbre & Petit Arbre Plate

Korean food culture is full of visual and gustatory pleasure because they set a wide range of small amount side dishes on a table for every meal.The downside is more dishes and tableware are required. Increasing one or two-person households pursue simple lifestyle, so owning many kinds of dishes and tableware indispensably is becoming a burden to them. This special situation may not be limited to Korea.
Given our food culture under these social circumstances, SY DESIGN suggests new form of ceramic tableware (TAKAON divided plate, divided bowl), adding to practicality and aesthetic beauty. A wide range of foods can be set in one plate. Since it has standard size of the conventional round plates, it is easy to wash and keep. In addition, a space of various sizes and an opened or closed space in the plate enable it to put wet foods or dry foods in it conveniently and evenly. The shape of plate resembling the nature reminiscent of branch or leaves and various colors will have it assimilate with the food cultures in many different countries, and furthermore provide a pleasure in setting, watching and eating foods.

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