Ceramic, Steel, 18K Gold finish

Tackaon Mini Steamer

I leave home half-awake without having breakfast. I have fast food for lunch and stop by a mart to buy things for dinner and look around. My worries do not last long. As usual, I make for frozen food corner. Freezer is full of new items. I buy instant dish frozen hard and head home. I don’t need to read the recipe. After only 3 minutes in the microwave, delicious dinner is ready. I eat my meal with packaging paper on sitting on the couch in front of TV.
I draw a small change in my weary daily life and barren kitchen space with one objet. Even frozen food or easy-to-cook dish may improve the ambience on the dinner table or increase happiness during dinnertime depending the cooking process and containers.
TACKAON Mini Steamer is designed to cook steamed dishes and heat foods in a conventional way using the steam of boiling water. Clip-type handle helps move hot containers and a meeting between simple metallic line and smooth ceramic volume contributes to visual beauty as well as functionality.

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