500x184x275mm, 300x184x275mm

Green Boksh

People have a basic need to feel free and comfortable in nature and leave the nature beside them. But having a garden became a privilege of few in fast-changing city life and decreasing residence.I don’t divide garden with daily life space. The little plant on desk and a flower on table give us the nature flavor in our daily life. Shelf, table or chair… these usual furniture have a potential as a tool of garden. They are tools which can harmonize with daily life, garden and all these space. My works are forms of process which seek the way to materialize these possibilities and imagine and realize their own green space for users.
Flowerpot produced by corian which reproduced greatly the pattern of native rocks. It can use separately and collectively by users to make indoor garden in various shapes. Green Boksh is 12cm height which can grow plants without a water hole.

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